The one where you get selected

This would be the time when I thank everyone for believing in me and show how grateful I am. But I am pretty sure you have no interest in reading all that, so lets just skip it! If anyone would like to read my proposal they can find it here.

We are off to a relatively slow start, I don’t like slow. I really hope soon enough it gets to the point where I don’t want to go to bed anymore. Hey, no one remembers the night they slept a lot. I am trying to find other fedora projects to keep me busy but force is not with me these days.

I recently fixed markdown support of issues. Any 90s kid here?


However, I had to disable html tags support. That would have brought up security issues. We would need to parse the input and filter everything harmful. Too much of work for very little gain.

Beside that I got to work on something really cool! Expandable comment box!! Remember how input fields on Facebook expand their length instead of adding a scroll bar? It was Sarup, my mentor’s idea and I glad he asked me to have at it. I followed Neil Jenkins‘s blog. I think I got to learn quite a few things. That’s the most fun part about doing something you don’t know, you get to learn a lot of new things and of course the sense of accomplishment.

The one where you get selected

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