Exploration page

Broken pipeline, an outdated bundler and a worthless ISP had all made their plans to bury me. In spite of everything, I am glad  I was finally able to deploy on openshift. You can check out the latest demo here

I have been working on the exploration page. I have added sorting options to the page. Now the user has options of sorting them based on most rated, most forked, most followed etc. I wish I could tell you that it was easy to join three tables, group them with project id, order with issue count and comment count, where issue is closed and created at time is less than 10 days. It wasn’t! In case you are wondering what might be the length of the query:

I made a few more improvements like adding image of projects and links to fork, follow and blame. It needs some more work. I have to add testing and possibly fix the layout.

I am also working on authorization. We decided to go with cancancan.

Oh did I mention that my contribution is almost 6k lines now? And today is only the second day of the official coding period.

Exploration page

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