GlitterGallery now running on VPS

Project: GlitterGallery

We recently completed our work on implementation of push over ssh protocol. Do check out our demo: glittergallery-dev and report any issues you come across. You can find implementation details in PR #303. Now users can add ssh keys in their profiles and save themselves hassle of entering credentials every time they push. It also means that now we support sparkleshare. Following are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to settings -> click ssh key tab -> add a name of your key and paste your sparkleshare key -> click on add key
  • Make a new project
  • Open sparkleshare and go to add hosted projects. In address type: ssh:// and in remote path: /<username>/<project_name>.git
  • Click add and wait. Your repo will be synced in a moment.

#293 Nginx & Unicorn from Ryan was a great resource on setting up the VPS.

Right now, we are working on adding diff styles of design-with-git. We might not be using the code of design-with-git, just the ideas. We are focusing on opacity, mask, toggle and side view. I will keep you guys posted.

GlitterGallery now running on VPS

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